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Chapter 7 Class Schedule for September 2010

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September 7 – Getting Started and Pre-Qualifying Debtors September 11 – Voluntary Petition, Schedules A and B September 15 – Schedules C, D, E and F September 20 – Schedules G, H, I and J September 24 – Statement of Affairs and Means Test September 28 – Miscellaneous Forms and Finalization Techniques September 30 – Marketing on the Internet


The schedule above is for LIVE classes.  But when you enroll you gain immediate access to the online school.  Each class module is filled with training materials, videos and audios so you can get started learning right away.

However, during the LIVE classes you will be able to interact with the instructor, Victoria Ring.  You are also encouraged to bring problem petitions to the class so that everyone can learn through real world practice.


** 90 days of free access to the online school after the graduation month ** 90 days of free access to future Chapter 7 classes so you can repeat classes if you miss one or need to review the information a second time ** 50 percent discount on private training services during the time you are enrolled as a student



My Bankruptcy School is for both attorneys, paralegals and legal professionals working for attorneys. We have attorneys sign up as individuals because they prepare their own petitions; or we have attorneys sign up with their paralegals.  We also have entire law firms of 5 or more sign up and take the classes together.  Regardless of whether you are a beginning or have experience with petitions, I hope you decide to join us and increase your current petition skills.


Victoria Ring – Sonya Banks –

Update on New Bankruptcy Online Classes

The first Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition Training Class began on July 5, 2010. The first class consisted of eight students; four attorneys and four non-attorneys.  I asked the students if the online class was different compared to purchasing the training videos.  Three comments I received were:

The online class is much different from the videos.  You provide different information in the online class so I would recommend someone purchase both for well-rounded training.

I really prefer the online class because I can ask questions directly to the instructor and get an immediate answer.  I also like the personal touch because a video is a recording and the online classes are LIVE.

I like the videos because I can watch the lessons over and over again; however, the online class does provide an advantage in the fact that different information is covered compared to the training videos.

The Cost Saving Advantage to Online Classes

The biggest advantage to attending online classes is the cost savings.  For example, to attend a one day seminar you could invest as much as $2,000 for airfare, hotel and meals; let alone the time spent away from work.  But by attending online classes you CAN SAVE 90%. The Chapter 7 class is only $275 and the Chapter 13 is $150.  Plus, you attend online and have absolutely no overhead costs.

I noticed this benefit immediately during the development of the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition Training Class.  From 2004 until this year I traveled throughout the United States speaking at seminars.  The average overhead cost for me to book a hotel meeting room, rent the audio visual equipment, make copies of manuals and buy food for attendees was about $3,000.  That meant that I needed 10 people to sign up for a $300 seminar just to break even.  Rarely did I ever produce a profit, but I knew the training was necessary for attorneys and virtual bankruptcy assistants, so I continued doing the seminars as long as I broke even; but my business suffered because I was out of town; just like your law firm would suffer if you had to miss work to attend a seminar.

However, now, with the development of the online class, I can conduct a class if only one person signs up.  That’s because instead of paying $3,000 in overhead expenses for a one day seminar, I only pay $7 a month for hosting the website.  My costs are reduced – the costs for the student are reduced; and it is a win/win situation that I am sure more people are going to enjoy.

Why are some people apprehensive about online classes?

One reason people have trouble accepting online courses are that the quality of many of them is extremely poor.  I signed up for a class that had absolutely no live interaction from the instructor.  In fact, she would not even reply to my emails.  I had to actually call the school and complain just to get the instructor to respond.  Also, the materials were only available online, not in a classroom setting; and the materials were very scanty and contained poor content.  The information was only theory and contained nothing that I could actually put to use in my real work life.

These are just a couple of reasons why online schools and classes have a bad reputation and are destroying the reputation for professional schools like  I hope you give us a chance because the materials we provide are the best in the field and are taught by the developer of the virtual bankruptcy assistant industry.  This is top level training at low prices designed for bankruptcy attorneys just starting a law firm and operating on a tight budget.

Questions from Attorneys Regarding the Online Classes

Q: Why is the Chapter 7 class so long?  Can I jump ahead and take the class in a few days?

A: The online courses that I developed are not intended to dictate to you like grade school.  If you want to download all the handouts and quizzes, never attend a class and complete your training in a few days; that decision is entirely up to you.  I will tell you that you get so much more from attending the live meetings because you learn a great deal from the instructor.  But whether you attend or not is your decision.

Q: What materials do I receive once I enroll in the course?

A: Prior to the first day of the course you will be emailed a username and password so you can have access to My Bankruptcy School online.  A video showing you a visual tour around the interface is provided at:

Once logged into you will have access to:  (1) extensive handout materials; (2) quizzes to check your progress; (3) audios of previously recorded classes; plus (4) all the other features of the interface.

Q: What other topics do you cover in the course that are not listed on the website?

A: Every class is very intense and contains a great deal of information.  However, every class is different because the topics are structured around the needs of the particular students in that class.  However, some popular topics I cover to help attorneys are: (1) how to set up electronic files; (2) how to incorporate marketing techniques into your operational procedures to produce long term results; (3) client intake interview tips; and (4) social media for marketing.

Do you have any other questions?

Fill out the contact form at:

What classes are available?

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Classes are available at:

How do I find the My Bankruptcy School website?

Sample Bankruptcy Games

Bankruptcy Terminology Game

Bankruptcy Hangman Game

Web Site Design Course for Legal Professionals

Course Number: 06262001 Duration: 2 hours Price Per Student: $35.00 Format: Instructor Led Online Classes CLICK HERE to Register

This 2 hour training course is designed to teach you how to develop your own bankruptcy related website at NO COST. We will use WordPress software and I will walk you through the various settings within WordPress so you can design your own company website within a few hours after attending this one class – guaranteed.


Installing WordPress (free) Installing a theme (free) Making your own customized WordPress theme (Artisteer software costs $49) Customizing widgets and sidebars Installing plugins and activating them (free) Other tricks and techniques for personalizing your website

This is an INTERACTIVE web training seminar. This means that you are encouraged to develop your website right along with the class so that you can ask questions and get on-the-spot answers.

I look forward to helping you reduce your web design costs to zero and put the power in your hands so you can better control your legal business website.


After you attend this training course you will be issued a Certificate of Introduction to WordPress Web Design, personalized with your name. Print on your color printer and frame for your office. For low cost frames, we recommend purchasing from Office Max or Staples for $5.00 or less.

The First Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition Training Course

The first Chapter 7 Petition Training Course will begin its first class in July.  This is your unique opportunity to work one-on-one with Victoria Ring in learning how to prepare a detailed Chapter 7 petition.  Along the way you will learn 100s of time and money-saving techniques that will improve your skills.

This course is designed to teach attorneys, paralegals and other law office personnel how to prepare a well-detailed Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition. In the process the student will learn a high level of skills that enables them to curtail most (if not all) Deficiency Notices issued by the Trustee after the 341 Meeting is complete.

This course is for both beginners as well as advanced students.  The reason we can provide one class that meets the needs of a wide range of knowledge levels is because the course is structured to teach a higher level of detail than is normally never taught in typical bankruptcy law firms.  This allows those who have been trained in the haphazard, traditional training methods to apply their present knowledge and advance their skills tremendously through the lessons they learn in the Chapter 7 Petition Training Course.

Beginning students who have never been trained in the haphazard, traditional method of preparing a bankruptcy petition will have the advantage of being trained correctly from the beginning.  This will protect students at this knowledge level from many of the common problems that exist in the majority of bankruptcy law firms today; which originated from poor petition training methods.

For more information and to sign up, visit:

What Type of Chapter 7 or 13 Training Does Your Law Firm Need?

I was talking with an attorney this morning and I asked him why he thought only 1 person has signed up to attend our upcoming Los Angeles bankruptcy training seminars for attorneys.

Attorney Joseph said that attorneys are bombarded with so much information about training seminars that they may not be aware our seminars are different.  Here is the link to the complete seminar outline:

Therefore, Michael Misenheimer and I are going to use the June seminars, scheduled to be held in Los Angeles, as a test.  It is a financial loss for us to invest the money into airfare, hotel and other overhead expenses if only 1 or 2 people attend the seminar.  Therefore, if we do not have a minimum of 10 people signed up to attend by June 4, we will refund the money of the 2 people who have registered and try another approach.

Perhaps it would be better to offer an online training school for attorneys.  They can login at any time of the day and receive training in Chapter 7s and Chapter 13s.  If this would be the best approach for training, I would love to develop the online school.  However, in the past, attorneys preferred us to train using onsite seminars and this is what I have been doing for the past 5 years.



If you would prefer to be trained Chapter 7s and 13s in a seminar setting, please register before June 4.  There is no credit card payment required to register.  But I will need a minimum of 10 registered attendees before June 4 or we will cancel the seminar.

Direct link to Registration Form:


Would you prefer onsite training at your office instead of attending a seminar?  Michael Misenheimer and I would be willing to come to your office and train you and your staff onsite while we are in the Los Angeles area.  Please call 719-465-2442 so we can find out the exact level of training you need.


If you would prefer to obtain training in Chapter 7s and 13s through an online training school or training CDs, send an email to

The goals of Michael and me are to provide attorneys with the training they need in the format that best suits their law firm operations.  Please do not hesitate to provide us with suggestions on how we can provide that to your law firm.  We are flexible because we are a small company.  We provide old-fashioned customer service to the attorneys we work with and we look forward to working with your law firm soon.


Victoria Ring – 719-465-2442

Michael Misenheimer – 404-795-9013

Bankruptcy Attorney Seminars

Most attorneys are already aware that there are very few training options available for bankruptcy attorneys pertaining to Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy petitions. In law school, the focus is mainly on Chapter 11s and business-related filings.  Not only is consumer law often overlooked in law school, but until recently, bankruptcy was not an area of law that carried much weight or prestige.

In the past, attorneys and their staff had no option except to be trained either on the job (through the trial and error method of making mistakes) or from experienced people who had the time to train them.  However, because of the record number of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions being filed today, bankruptcy is booming.  Therefore, the option of learning by trial and error or being taught by experienced people is an option not readily available to most law firms today. In addition, bankruptcy courts in every state spend a great deal of time finding and fixing errors caused by new and inexperienced attorneys and their personnel.  All of this combined will waste time and money which is why many courts are becoming more strict with their procedures.

But there is a very bad side to this issue also.  Some attorneys have actually been sanctioned and either paid high restitution fees or lost their license to practice law simply because the attorney and the staff were not properly trained and repeatedly filed inaccurate or fraudulent petitions.  Some of these attorneys became paralegals and continued to work inside law firms and others will get out of the profession altogether.

This problem needed fixed and it needed to be fixed fast!!

In a sincere effort to help address these problems, Victoria Ring (the developer of the virtual bankruptcy assistant industry) and Michael Misenheimer (a certified paralegal who is entering law school this Fall) have joined forces.  They have developed a dynamic training curriculum that has literally transformed business for bankruptcy attorneys nationwide.  Together, Victoria and Michael are able to provide bankruptcy attorneys with the skills they need to streamline their practice and increase profits for their law firms.

Keeping costs to a reasonable $275 per person, an attorney can easily afford to attend with their staff and everyone will gain from the knowledge that both Michael and Victoria teach.  Unlike typical seminars and workshops, Michael and Victoria take a different approach to training by making their seminars unique and unlike others you may have attended in the past.

For example:

1.  The information taught in the Bankruptcy Attorney Seminars is NOT taught in any other seminar, workshop or training program. This is because the materials have been personally compiled from many years of working in the field as well as advanced training from attorneys, judges and trustees.

2.  The Bankruptcy Attorney Seminars are causal, relaxed and interactive. In fact, attendees are encouraged to ask questions and participate in the ongoing discussion.  This type of atmosphere promotes a higher level of learning.

3.  Networking is one of the prime goals of the Bankruptcy Attorney Seminars.  In fact, in previous seminars, long-lasting business relationships have developed just from attending.  This is because the Bankruptcy Attorney Seminars place great emphasis on working together and feeding off the knowledge of everyone present. This results in an atmosphere that helps to promote maximum retention levels.

4.  All attendees receive a wealth of information in the form of handouts that they can use to take back to the law firm and immediately put to use.

Bankruptcy Attorney Seminar Overview

The Bankruptcy Attorney Seminars are structured to cover TWO days (Friday and Saturday.)  Attorneys and their staff may attend either day or both days and save $100.  A single day registration is only $275 per person with discounts when two or more are attending from the same law firm.

Day 1 of the Seminar (Friday)

* Bankruptcy petition preparation skills and tips to make your job faster * Demonstrations of how to propose mortgage cram downs and strip downs * Tips for improving your Chapter 13 Plan preparation skills * Techniques to help you reduce deficiency notices after the bankruptcy petition is filed * How to work better with creditors as well as how to better protect the debtor

Day 2 of the Seminar (Saturday)

* Client intake interview tips to help reveal information that could make or break a case * Procedural and operational techniques to maximize office efficiency * Methods for turning free consultations into paying clients * Easy to understand web page development suggestions * Marketing your law firm via the internet and social networking

To find out more about these seminars, visit

Summary of April 23-24 Bankruptcy and Marketing Seminar

I just returned from the Bankruptcy Training and Marketing Seminar, held at the Best Western Airport East Hotel in Hapeville, Georgia; a suburb of Atlanta.  Eight people (including two attorneys) attended the Marketing Seminar portion on April 23 and Nineteen people (including five attorneys) attended the Training Seminar portion on April 24.

April 23 – Marketing Portion

Due to the small number in attendance, the eight people received more hands-on training compared to larger seminars we have had in the past.  In fact, I personally prefer working with a smaller group when I teach marketing because I can individually address specific concerns and give precise direction so that the attendee can go home and put ideas into action immediately.

One of the main points I always make in my marketing seminars is to teach people to wake up every morning and say: What can I do to make money today?  Instead, many people begin their virtual business day with negative comments, like:  I do not feel confident. I am afraid to advertise. It is too soon for me to make a website, etc.  I found out a long time ago that the ONLY way to be successful is to think thoughts that will make you successful.  If you begin each day by asking yourself, What can I do to make money today? … you will find that you begin looking for ways to make money.  This line of thinking will make you successful.  The other line of thinking will make you unsuccessful.

Clay Holland also spoke at the Marketing portion of the seminar.  He explained, step-by-step, everything he did to become a successful virtual bankruptcy assistant.  Clay is excellent at relating to other virtual bankruptcy assistants (VBA) because he had absolutely no prior legal experience before he became a VBA.  I, on the other hand, was trained in the law firms and received my training from attorneys, judges and trustees.  This is why Clay can relate much better to the VBAs and he is doing a tremendous job managing 713Training.

At the Marketing seminar, two attorneys flew in from Chicago, Illinois. These attorneys had been very successful at building their law firm in a market saturated by bankruptcy attorneys.  They contributed a great deal to the marketing round table discussion and everyone learned from their knowledge also.  This is one reason I always try to conduct the training seminars in an informal type of format.

Throughout my legal career, meetings became second nature for me.  Some meetings would be boring because only one person would talk.  I do not care how interesting a person is; if one person does all the talking and does not interact with their audience, anything they say becomes boring after awhile.  This is why I pattern all my seminars on interaction.  The result provides attendees with a much better understanding and comprehension versus a long, boring lecture.

April 24 – Bankruptcy

Nineteen people were in attendance for the Bankruptcy portion of the seminar, including five attorneys.  We began the day by having everyone introduce themselves and briefly describe their knowledge of Chapter 7s.  Because I customize every seminar to the needs of the audience, this feedback allows me to address specific topics that will provide the best level of training for those in attendance.  Since everyone in the group already had a basic knowledge of Chapter 7s, I was able to immediately move into training the overall conversion from a Chapter 7 to a Chapter 13 as well as cover cram down and strip down training.

Michael Misenheimer spoke for a few minutes about how the foreclosure process works.  Then he opened the floor for questions.  Pamela Starr provided an insight into the corporate side of her own personal experience and Michael opened the floor for questions and addressed specific issues relating to debtor and creditor bankruptcy; which he has a vast amount of experience in.


We would love to meet you at a future Bankruptcy Training Seminar. For more information and to view the calendar of upcoming events, visit:

New – Bankruptcy Training Seminars

The first TWO bankruptcy attorney seminars has been scheduled. I just launched a new website which you can review and register for these seminars at: Thank you for your continued support and faith in my training services. I strive to continue working to provide the much needed education to debtor bankruptcy attorneys nationwide.  I hope to see you at an upcoming seminar.