Report on California Trip and New Bankruptcy Law Firm

— by Victoria Ring

I just returned from Ventura, California where I set up a new debtor bankruptcy law firm for Doug Michie and Marc Mathys. Doug and Marc attended law school together and have been good friends for many years.  Both had an extensive background in real estate and were doing loan modifications for their clients. It was a pleasure to meet them and I certainly enjoyed the time spent helping them develop their bankruptcy practice.

Before going to California, I provided Doug and Marc with 30 days of free access to My Bankruptcy School. This way, they were able to go through the training before I arrived and have a large part of the basics completed in regard to the petition itself. Then I was able to build on their basic knowledge and take their law firm to the next level.  This saved time and helped to get their practice up and running much faster.

Although I only spent one day training Doug and Marc, my plane did not go back to Denver until 3:00 pm Wednesday. This enabled us to work late Tuesday night and spend time focused on marketing. However, Doug and Marc quickly found that they already had a bankruptcy client base in place because many of their clients were already in foreclosure. Once they understood more about the world of bankruptcy and were exposed to the tremendous amount of filings in their jurisdiction (Central District of California) they were able to move forward. In fact, before I left, Doug and I conducted three client intakes and he converted two of them to Chapter 13 cases.

There is no doubt that Doug and Marc are going to do very well with their new bankruptcy practice. Not only are they honest, caring men who have a heart for the debtor, they are looking to network with other attorneys in their area. If you would like to contact them or refer Chapter 13s, please use the contact information below:

Doug Michie
Phone: 805-643-9500

Marc Mathys
Phone: 805-643-3329

If you are an attorney who is interested in stating a new bankruptcy practice, or if your current bankruptcy practice needs improvement, contact me and I will do my best to help you. I work with attorneys nationwide (on a case by case basis) so no two jobs are alike. Feel free to contact me at:

Victoria Ring
Phone: 719-659-0743

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