How to Choose a Good Business Coach

Like me, I am sure you may have been very disappointed in the quality of training available today. It seems everyone wants to be an instructor, but few may actually have the training, knowledge and experience you need to develop a business or law firm and have it become profitable.  Sometimes it feels like everywhere you turn, someone is trying to make a buck; and rarely do we run into a good business coach that is concerned about our specific needs and goals.

You may be asking: What benefit would a business coach be to my business or law firm anyway? And, how do I find business coaches who care about my needs and goals instead of just making a buck?

Lets begin by understanding what a business coach is. Actually, the concept is not new. In the old days (before the internet), if a person wanted to start a new business or open up a law practice, they worked as an apprentice under an experienced mentor.  However, today, the world is going at such a fast pace that people do not have the time to invest in these old methods. This is why business owners and attorneys hire experienced and professional business coaches.

Besides, hiring a business coach could easily save your business or law firm hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, a business coach will save you a great deal of time spent making mistakes and learning from them on your own.  Instead, a business coach will take your business or law firm from Step 1 to Step 151 in just a few days; something you are unable to do yourself.  And these are just the beginning of the benefits a business coach can provide to your business or law firm.

How do you find good business coaches? Here are a few tips to get you started:

Begin With Search Engines

Go to any search engine and type in the search words: training consultants AND business consultants AND hire a mentor AND hire a  business coach. You will find a vast array to begin your research.

Use the Telephone More Than Email

Too many people today rely solely on email. They will send 20 or 30 emails back and forth (which can take an hour or more) versus picking up the phone and having a 5 minute conversation.

TIP: Send an email to a business coach and ask them when they will be available for a telephone conversation. This way you eliminate telephone tag.

Once you are speaking with the business coach on the telephone, ask them to provide you with information about the business or law firm they have experience with. Find out the name if possible (so you can Google it later) and listen for the passion in their voice for the company they helped to build or provide consulting for.  A good business coach who will be effective in helping you build your business or law firm will have a passion for their work and you should be able to hear it in their voice. (No email can take the place of that.)

Explore Their Website

Business coaches who are organized and reliable, normally reflect this character trait in the information available on their website. They should provide detailed content about their services (not just a sales pitch) and the information should be updated and current.

TIP: If you visit a website and click on several links that are not functioning properly, it normally means the website has not been updated in awhile (showing a lack of attention to detail.) You might want to scroll down to the bottom of the page and see if there is a date provided for the last time the website was updated. If not, proceed with caution.

Search Their Name on Google

Did you know that you can type the name of a person (with a PLUS sign between the first and last name) like this: Victoria+Ring; and you can normally find them on the internet?

TIP: You can also search for a person on Facebook and LinkedIn. Explore the information they provide in their profiles and click on links they provide to discover more information.

Check Out References Thoroughly

People often read through references but they never try to contact them directly. An honest business coach should have links or another form of contact information for references and testimonials on their website.  Example:

If not, do a Google search for the name listed in the testimonial. It is better to spend 10 minutes to track down a reference before investing money into hiring a business coach.

Get It In Writing

The best protection from unexpected surprises when hiring a business coach is to obtain at least a general outline of the costs, number of hours and other details the business coach agrees to provide.

Also keep in mind that business coaches who personalize their services specifically for your business or law firm may not be able to list every service they intend to provide in an initial agreement. This is because they may not know all your business or law firm needs until they are onsite and able to better access the situation.  However, the business consultant should be able to easily provide a general outline so that you both are communicating on the same level.

TIP: View a sample Business Coaching Agreement at:

Web References

Below are just a tiny fraction of the business coaches and mentors available. We wish you the best of success in growing and prospering your business or law firm.


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