How to Implement Positive Change

As I look out my window onto another massive snow storm, I am reminded how quickly THINGS CHANGE.  Just yesterday it was 44 degrees and sunshine. Today we are under a winter storm warning and the temperature has dropped to a bone-chilling 3 degrees.

Unfortunately, people do not change as quickly as the weather or other circumstances in life. Why is this unfortunate? Because this is one of the major reasons people do not achieve the goals they want out of life.  This often results in depression, leading to a very sad and nonproductive world. I hope you do not become one of them.

My Window to the World

I live at the 8,300 foot level in the beautiful Colorado mountains.  There is nothing more beautiful and serene as the freshly fallen snow at this elevation.  The crisp and clean mountain air is so much more refreshing than the air I breathed when I lived in Columbus, Ohio; and the abundant wildlife (deer, elk and buffalo) is breathtaking to behold.

But even though I live in the beauty of a picture-postcard, the weather makes it impossible at times to get to town. I have discovered that life was so much more convenient in the city compared to the country. One big difference was that in the city, trucks came along and plowed the roads; plus I could order a pizza any time I got hungry.

Which situation is better for living?  The city or the country?  The answer to this question depends on your individual tastes as well as your level of tolerance in the extreme living conditions of the mountains.  For me, it really does not matter. As long as I am warm and have good friends around me that I can depend on, I can work on my computer just about anywhere.

Why do I take this attitude?  Because I know that THINGS CHANGE.  Even Dwight Yoakam wrote a song about this topic. It is appropriately titled: THINGS CHANGE.

Step 1 to Positive Thinking

Human beings have a tendency to work against nature where things are consistently changing. The majority of people gain stability and comfort from knowing what will happen today, tomorrow and 10 years into the future. Unfortunately, this style of thinking very rarely works. The reason this does not work is because THINGS CHANGE.

Think about it: There is no way that any person can prepare for every possible scenario that could occur between today and the date of the goal that has been set.  Sure, a person can base their decisions on statistical data and advice from others who have experienced the same thing; but knowing what will happen today, or even 60 seconds from now, is impossible.

Stop for a moment and think about this. Once you accept it, you can move to Step 2.

Step 2 to Positive Thinking

Now that you fully understand that THINGS CHANGE on a minute by minute basis, you will be better able to accept the bad situations you will encounter and more easily get through them.  Once you achieve and implement this thought process, you will begin to truly remove negative pressures from your life.  As the negative pressures are eliminated, positive things will naturally begin to occur.  You will NOT have to force them to happen.

Note: This is not to say that bad things will never happen. Bad things can never be eliminated because this is life. But with the multitude of positive things occurring, it will be much easier to get through the bad times and often learn valuable life-lessons during the process because you are looking at life in a more positive light.

An Observation to Consider

My mother was on Medicaid after my dad died due to her reduction in income. Every time I would take her to the doctor, I would sit in the crowded waiting room listening to the people discuss their problems.  It amazed me how much negativity was in the room.  I did not hear one person make a positive comment.

Instead, the room (which was filled with low-income Medicaid patients) talked about how they could not find a job, and how their previous boss had fired them because their child was sick. They talked about how hard it was to live and how their children had to do without simple things like socks and shoes. They also talked about how cruel the world had been to them and how they never got a break.

This is when I figured out the secret to a positive and productive life. The secret is simple: implement positive thinking in everything you do and positive things will happen.

I hope this article helps to change your life and I wish you the best of success in everything you do. As the author of this article, if there is anything I can do to help you; please contact me through my website at

Victoria Ring
Business Coach and Instructor


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