The WordPress Web Design Secret

Many of you may remember the day when web designers charged thousands of dollars to design your website and submit it to search engines.  In fact, some companies still charge thousands of dollars and there are still people who pay it.  But after reading this article you will be much wiser.

When we set up a new business or law firm practice it is common procedure for us to develop the website also.  Besides, a website goes hand in hand with the initial development of any new business or law firm because it establishes an internet presence to project stability and trust for clients and customers.  However, for many people, just the thought of designing a web site is a daunting task.  Therefore, they delay in the website development and miss a very important opportunity in marketing and growing the business.


Many people are familiar with where you can go and start a free blog.  But most people are not aware of the website where you can download WordPress free and use it to build web pages.

And even less people know that because WordPress was originally designed to be a blogging software (not a web design software), search engine optimization is built right in.  This means that when your website is developed in WordPress software, your website immediately gets recognition in the search engines. Give it a try. Design a web page with WordPress; set up a Google alert and you will discover how fast (often within 24 hours) that your website is indexed and appears in Google.  And this is only the beginning; WordPress will literally transform your business once your website is set up properly and functions well.




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