New Schedule I Training Videos

When I first developed My Bankruptcy School, I developed it to be interactive.  The first 30 days of classes were conducted via web seminars and we recorded them for students to listen to after class.

Unfortunately, web seminars still demand planning by both the instructor and the student.  We found that using web seminars to hold training sessions were ineffective in the student’s retention of information.  This was caused by interruptions from class members, inability to attend class on time, etc.

However, when we produced a training video that a student could login, watch any time they wanted and as many times as they wanted, the student absorbed the information faster and with much more depth and understanding.

As soon as my team helped me make this analysis I got busy producing training videos.  This weekend I finished the Schedule I series of the bankruptcy petition; which consists of 8 videos totaling 52 minutes of instruction.

The eight video titles are:

1.  Introduction and Due Diligence
2.  Dependents and Employment
3.  Paycheck Stubs Analysis No. 1
4.  Paycheck Stubs Analysis No. 2
5.  Other Types of Pay Advices
6.  Pay Advices for the Self-Employed
7.  Proper Placement on Schedule I
8.  Other Income and Anticipated Changes

How to view the videos:

Due to the quality and high value of these videos we cannot offer them free. They are only available to students of My Bankruptcy School.  But you can check them out (as well as the rest of the school) for 5 days for only $49.99.  For more information or to enroll, visit

Victoria Ring
Developer of My Bankruptcy School
Phone: 719-783-3797

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