Free Pre-Qualification Tool for Bankruptcy Law Firms

Prior to 2005 the majority of bankruptcy attorneys were trained by experienced bankruptcy attorneys and they knew how to prequalify debtors.  However, when the bankruptcy field exploded and many new attorneys with no bankruptcy training opened their offices; they lacked these important skills.  But this skill is so important that not having it could put your law firm out of business overnight.

For example: if a client comes to you and they have not paid their mortgage payment in 11 months, it is normally to the law firms advantage not to take these types of cases. Although it is wonderful to know that as an attorney you want to help everyone, you will find that unless someone is willing to help themselves, you cannot help them.  Instead, people who have demonstrated a complete lack of responsibility for their actions will cause you problems in obtaining information for their petition, gathering records, or even depending on them to show up for the 341 Meeting.  Instead of making your law firm money, often times, clients who wait until the last minute are clients that cost you money and destroy your profits.  But this is just one common example; there are many, many more.

Problem Solved

The free Initial Intake tool that is now available to bankruptcy attorneys nationwide was developed after working with 200+ bankruptcy attorneys and determining the problems they encountered with clients who cost their law firm money.  Because Victoria Ring worked preparing the petitions for these law firms, she was able to understand first-hand how these problems parlayed into costly issues; which is why she developed this invaluable tool after many years of working in the field.

The Initial Intake tool is comprised of 90% “yes” and “no” questions.  It was designed for the clients to be able to fill out in 10 minutes of less.  After filling out and completing the short, Initial Intake Form, the results are emailed immediately to the attorney or My Paralegal Team for analysis.  The analysis is complied for the attorney to provide them with (among other things) a summary of possible problems that could cause objections from creditors and whether the debtors may qualify for a Chapter 7 or 13.  This information alone helps the attorney to better calculate their attorney fee for representation in the case.

Of course the analysis from the Initial Intake Form is not designed to be all inclusive. No tool could do that.  Instead, it is designed to save the law firm a great deal of time and money by understanding the main issues prior to accepting the bankruptcy case for representation.

How to Get Started Today Utilizing this Free Tool

The next client that calls or visits your office to file bankruptcy, send them to our website to complete the online Initial Intake Form:

Clients will provide your name on the form so we know who which attorney to send the results to. If the client should fail to provide your name, we will contact them directly to ensure you receive the information regarding your client.

After receipt of the information, it will be forwarded to the attorney with the option of compiling a Summary Sheet for review.  Preparation of a Summary Sheet is $125.00 but forwarding the information is free to try out the form and determine if it works for your law firm.

Do You Want the Form Exclusively For Your Law Firm?

This form can also be installed on your website, or we can design it with your law firm name and information so that results are emailed directly to you from our server.  We provide free set-up of the Initial Intake Form but there is a small monthly fee of $14.95 to maintain the form and forward you the responses.

Give the Form a Try

We believe that once you try out the Initial Intake Form you will immediately see how it will be invaluable for your law firm.  Developed from many years of working with attorneys, Victoria Ring is making this free tool available to assist attorneys nationwide.

Let us know how you would like to use the Initial Intake Form and we will get your law firm set up to utilize the benefits of it.  Call 719-783-3797 or email Victoria Ring directly at

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