New Years Greeting from Victoria Ring

Hi Everyone

Today is January 1, 2011 and I thought I would write a personal note to all my readers and subscribers instead of simply sending a greeting. However, I want to wish you a happy holiday season and I hope you and your family had many blessings.

I also have had many blessings.  In fact, my whole world changed in the past 30 days and I thought I would share the experience with you so you may receive a blessing also.

In late November I accidently fell in my home twice.  Both times, I was unable to get up because I had no feeling in my knees.  This experience scared me and I immediately called my doctor.  After an examination I learned that the pain in my hips and knees was caused from inactivity and I needed to begin some type of therapy or I would be in a wheelchair.

Due to the fact that I have no health insurance and cannot afford to pay a hospital for daily therapy, I decided to look for a diabetic therapist who needed a roommate.  This way I could reduce my expenses and receive the benefit of daily therapy.

Note:  I know this sounds like it would be hard to locate a person with this criteria, but it requires the same skill level as targeting your customers when building a business.  You define exactly the type of person you want to find and you do not stop until you find that person or customer group.

Within just a few days of searching on Roommates.Com and Craigs List, I found several prospects in my age group.  I contacted them and chose a good Christian lady named Dee who has a kind heart.  But there was one possible problem; she lived on a 10 acre ranch with horses and virgin forests in the most beautiful area of Colorado.  Why is this a problem?  I was born and raised a city girl.  When I moved to Colorado Springs I thought it was living in a small town; but I soon discovered that nothing could compare to living in the country.

However, after visiting beautiful Custer County I fell in love with it.  In fact, I loved it so much that I decided to make any adjustments necessary to move in and become Dee’s roommate.  But let me tell you, there has been some big adjustments.  For example, I wanted to go to my bank to make a deposit.  The closest branch location for my bank was in Pueblo.  The sign on the highway said that Pueblo was 56 miles away; however, when you are driving on 2 lane mountain roads with sharp turns and no guard rails, the fastest you can drive is 15 miles per hour.  This means that to travel 56 miles takes almost 2 hours, not 1 hour.

Next, it is taking me a lot of time adjusting from man-made lights to God-made lights (stars and moon.)  Although I must say that the God-made lights are much more beautiful, it still takes some getting used to.  At this point I am not able to drive in the dark; which means that when I leave the house, I have to make sure I have enough time to do what I have to do and get back before dark.

Oh well … I am sure that everything will work out fine and I will learn a new way of life in 2011.  I cannot wait to start horseback riding and begin exercising every day.  My roommate runs a horse rescue and after restoring the horses back to health, she provides them to ranches where children with cerebral palsy and other health problems ride and take care of them for therapy also.  It is a wonderful thing that Dee does and it does my soul good to be a part of it.

So you see …  what started out as a big problem (loss of my hips and legs) has turned into a life changing event where I am richly blessed.  As a Christian I thank Jesus Christ for His blessings. Others who do not worship Jesus Christ will look at my experience differently.  However, if you take anything away from this article, take away this one lesson:

Looking at the positive instead of the negative will cause positive things to happen.


If you are interested in viewing some photos of the area surrounding my new home, visit:

In 2011, I am going to offer personalized training options so that people can bring their families here for vacation if they want, or come alone and stay in one of the beautiful bed and breakfast inns close to my home.  I provide transportation and all your meals while you are trained in any areas you need.  This includes setting up a new practice, operations and procedures, marketing, as well as petition preparation and advanced levels of pleading work.  If this is a service you would be interested in, please email or call 719-783-3797.

Happy New Year 2011

2 Responses to “New Years Greeting from Victoria Ring”

  • Simone Hardy:

    Wow, Victoria, you’ve had an ordeal and my blessings to you for that. However, bravo again for you for turning what could have been a negative into a wonderful positive. I’m not a Christian but I see the blessings that you have received and wish you continued success as always. I’ve followed you for quite some time and I can tell you are a determined spirit who will go the distance as usual. Many continued blessings and get your strength back and much success to you. Peace & Blessings, Simone

  • Cathy Ribble:


    I just wanted to applaud your decision to be authentic with your readers through this post. It takes great courage to admit our health challenges and to be so bold concerning our faith in Jesus Christ, especially to the great big World Wide Web.

    I spent many childhood vacations in Colorado, and I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the beautiful area!

    Blessings to you in the new year as you settle into your new surroundings and new way of life! The grace of God will carry you where He takes you!