Board Certified Bankruptcy Attorney Endorses My Bankruptcy School

Board Certified Bankruptcy Attorney Richard West of West, Hurley and Malkiewicz in Springboro, Ohio, sent us the following feedback after reviewing My Bankruptcy School training videos for Class 1:

Dear Victoria:

I liked your Class 1 bankruptcy training videos.  I would endorse them for new attorneys, or attorneys who are new to bankruptcy, as a tool to get some practical advice on nuts and bolts of the practice.

The next step would be to do some videos on common mistakes made in preparing the petition, schedules, etc. Actually, Judge Stephen Rhoads (Michigan) did a study on that topic. I heard him speak on it as he was conducting the study, that was back in 05 or 06, I think, he was speaking in Dayton, and he noted that almost all petitions have some errors.  Some minor, some not.  A review of the schedules and forms would be a good thing to do.

One idea you might pass along would be to ask the trustees who they think consistently does a good job on petitions, and then call that attorney and see if he would give the name of a client he has that has a representative case.  The new attorney could download the petition from pacer and have an example of a petition, done by a good practitioner, and well received by trustees.  That way the form of presenting the data can be mimicked by the new attorney.  And, the experienced attorney won’t have to do anything but give a name.  As you point out, good practitioners are busy.  But if a newbie asked me that question, I would be willing to do it.  Actually, I routinely answer bk questions for other attorneys.  The old-timers did it for me, and I am now one of them, I do it for the new attorneys.

Also, if you formed a group of experienced (board certified like I am or not) attorneys – you could call the group whatever you wanted – who would endorse the training you could get additional credibility – like a testimonial.  And, those attorneys who were willing to do that could appear on the site, in a bio format, with links back to our websites, and we could link to you, and to each other, and form a kind of link-wheel, thereby benefiting all of us.

Rick West, Esq.

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