New Bankruptcy Training Videos Developed

A new line of training videos is currently under development for both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions.  So far, the following new THIRTY-THREE (33) training videos have been developed and are available for immediate viewing:


Video 1: How to Locate Bankruptcy Statistics
Video 2: Getting Started Resources
Video 3: Networking with Other Attorneys
Video 4: PreQualification of Debtors
Video 5: The Rapid Import Deception
Video 6: How to Get a PACER Account
Video 7: How Attorneys Get an ECF Number
Video 8: Getting To Know Your Bankruptcy Court
Video 9: Tools of the Trade: Adobe Acrobat
Video 10: What Bankruptcy Software Should I Buy?
Video 11: Step 1: The Initial Intake Process
Video 12: Step 2: The Full Intake Process
Video 13: How to Check for Previous Filings
Video 14:How to Use Zillow for Debtor PreQualification


Video 1:  Voluntary Petition Part 1
Video 2:  Voluntary Petition Part 2
Video 3:  Voluntary Petition Part 3


Video 1:  Schedule A Part 1
Video 2:  Schedule A Part 2
Video 3:  Schedule A Part 3
Video 4:  Schedule A Part 4
Video 5:  Schedule A Part 5


Video 1: Understanding Your Target Market
Video 2: Utilizing the Attorney Marketing Links
Video 3: Understanding Social Networks and Search Engines
Video 4: Legal Social Networking
Video 5: The Secrets of Marketing with LinkedIn
Video 6: Getting Connections and Posting to Groups
Video 7: A Review of How WebSites Are Put Together
Video 8: Using WordPress for Building Your WebSite
Video 9: How to Use Video for Marketing
Video 10: How to Enhance Graphics for Your WebSite
Video 11: Advertising in Nationwide Newspapers

These videos (as well as future videos) will be available to all Bankruptcy School students after logging in.  To register and get your username and password, visit

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