New Bankruptcy Law Firm Established

I am very happy to report that the Law Firm of John H Spurgeon in Pasadena, California has opened a new debtor law bankruptcy practice and will be accepting new clients soon.  Attorney John Spurgeon worked as a Certified Public Accountant for many years before graduating from the California Bar approximately 10 years ago.

Since that time, John Spurgeon has been specializing in family law.  He had been referring all bankruptcy requests out to other attorneys in the area.  However, when he found the requests were growing in number, he decided to open up a bankruptcy law practice to compliment his existing customer base.

A quick search on the American Bankruptcy Institute website at will show you the high level of increase in bankruptcy filings within the state of California.  For example: in the Second Quarter (April, May and June) of 2009 there were a total of 53,505 filings in the state of California alone.  These figures result down to almost 600 California residents PER DAY filing bankruptcy.  That is the most extreme I have ever seen in my entire 30+ year legal career.  The numbers are mind boggling and you may not understand the level of significance unless you are working in the bankruptcy field.

Due to these high numbers of filings, many homes in California are owned by banks.  Although the state of Florida is also suffering and filings are extremely high there also, the difference between the appraisal amount and the amount owed to the bank is much smaller in Florida compared to California.  For example: In California, there are many homes (priced at $100,000 in other areas of the country) originally selling for $700,000 and up.  Now that the housing market has collapsed, California home owners are finding the same property is appraised at $200,000 and they are underwater a half million or more.

In an effort to stabilize the housing problems in California, many California bankruptcy courts are putting provisions in place so that debtors may stay in their homes and this helps to prevent more criminal activity within the neighborhood as well as protecting the investment of other homeowners.  For example, did you know there are unscrupulous people who pick the locks of bank-owned homes, change the locks and rent the property to innocent victims?  If the person(s) owning the home would have stayed in it instead of moving the moment they received a foreclosure notice, this would not have happened.  It is unfortunate that people often do things that hurt them simply out of panic.


Victoria Ring is putting together a training package that will teach California attorneys how to propose strip downs of second mortgages and cram down first mortgages.  This is a new procedure that has been tested and approved by the Central District of California (the most difficult district to file a petition in).  Look for a future email announcement regarding the training package so that you can save your clients literally millions of dollars and help them get a fresh start in these hard financial times.


One of the goals and focuses of Victoria Ring is to educate as many people as possible during these hard financial times.  If you know of anyone who has received a foreclosure notice, tell them NOT TO MOVE.  Stay in their home and keep it well maintained.  There are many opportunities for homeowners who are behind in their mortgage (and many are coming down the pike); simply because the bank would prefer to preserve their investment by having the property owner stay in the home instead of leaving and have the home subject to criminal activity.


If you are receiving this notice and you are interested in discussing the establishment of a bankruptcy law firm for your practice, so that you can help 100s of people facing foreclosure also, feel free to call Victoria Ring at 719-659-0743.  What is the cost?  It depends on your training needs, which is why you must call for a free consultation and assessment.  Some attorneys only require training by teleconference and over the web, while others prefer that we physically come to their location.


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