Sonya Banks – The First Master Certified Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant

— by Victoria Ring,

From June 13-16, 2010, I had the pleasure of training the First Master Certified Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant (MVBA), Sonya Banks of VirtualPetitions.Com, LLC in Loganville, Georgia.

Sonya arrived in Colorado Springs on Sunday, June 13 to begin training for the Master Certification.  Before her arrival, Sonya already had five years of experience working virtually for an attorney but she wanted to expand her services so that she could work for a variety of attorneys and advance her knowledge in bankruptcy and Chapter 13s.

Our training began with an intense review of Chapter 13s and a variety of different Chapter 13 Plans.  I trained Sonya using methods of deep case study in a variety of different consumer-based Chapter 13 filings found online through PACER.  In addition, I downloaded a case study review that is used by the American Bar Institute for the certification of attorneys.  Although many areas of the exam were completely over our heads (since the exam pertained to the logic of the law itself) it was still an excellent way to study cases and understand how they progress and are handled through the bankruptcy court process.

Next, Sonya and I again utilized PACER in the study of different pleadings used in the Complaint process as well as the various Adversarial Proceedings connected with bankruptcy filings.  This skill enables Sonya to be able to study cases and work with attorneys in updating the petition based upon the Trustee Recommendations as well as other problems that can occur after the 341 Meeting.  This level of skill is only achieved by Master Certified Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants.

To finish the training and for a better well-rounded education, I taught Sonya how to design her own website and maintain it.  This will save Sonya literally thousands of dollars and reduce her overhead expenses to zero.  I also taught her many different marketing methods and we customized a marketing plan so that she could return home and put a plan into action immediately.

After the training was complete I asked Sonya to comment about her experience, and her reply was:

This experience has been a life-changing event.  I learned more in 30 hours than most people learn in one year.  One important thing I learned was that I am marketing all wrong and now that I know how marketing works; I have learned how to incorporate it into my daily business routine.  Like Victoria, I have learned how to make marketing fun and exciting and I cannot wait to return home and try some of the ideas I learned.  Also, I feel very confident that I have the skills needed to do a very good job for attorneys and I did not have this confidence before coming to Colorado Springs for training. (Sonya Banks)


If you are an attorney seeking to outsource your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 petition work, I highly recommend the services of Sonya Banks and her company.  Not only is she our first Master Certified VBA, but she is a kind, patient and wonderful lady with high moral character.  Your clients, as well as you and your staff will love working with her.  To contact Sonya:

Phone: 770-601-4730


Review the various training options available to you and your law firm staff at:

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