New VBAs Trained This Week and Update

— by Victoria Ring

Clay Holland is really busy this week putting together the TWO DAY Atlanta Bankruptcy Seminars so I thought I would catch you up on my week.


Yes, Clay is finalizing the date and then he will make the announcement.  Stay tuned for more details from Clay a little later.


February 15 and 16 I spent training Charloma Banks.  Charloma lives in Plymouth Virginia and it was her first trip to Colorado.  Charloma had taken the time to do a great deal of studying on her own prior to coming for her training.  The first day was spent addressing the questions she had regarding the materials and reviewing a variety of techniques for developing a website.

After returning to her hotel room, Charloma spent most of the evening redesigning her website to reflect the new marketing information she learned.  When I picked up Charloma the second day for her training, I was impressed with the extra effort she put forth.  We then spent several hours rewriting and revising the wording so that it was more informative.  As Charloma learned, your website should be YOUR BEST.  It can be compared with putting on a tuxedo or a 3-piece business suit and attending a governmental social gathering.  That is how good your website should look in order to attract good business.


Suzie McKenzie is really a cool chick.  She and a couple of friends jumped in their car, in Dallas Texas, and drove to Colorado Springs.  Although the normal drive time is 15 hours, Suzie and her friends left 4 days ago and stopped and vacationed along the way.  I trained Suzie and her friend on February 18 and 19.

Suzie has owned and operated her own advertising and publishing business for many years; but like the real estate industry, the publishing world is experiencing financial difficulty too.  It appears that right now, bankruptcy is about the ONLY growing field in America.

However, since Suzie has owned her own business for many years, there is no doubt that she will be ready to start working for attorneys within a short period of time.  Plus, Suzie has an outgoing and caring personality which is a perfect fit for working with clients in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


I am presently in the final development stages of a new product for attorneys called:  PRE-QUALIFY INTAKE FORM.  This is a four-page questionnaire, consisting of mostly YES and NO questions.  This makes it easy for the client to fill out in less than 5 minutes while at the attorneys office.

Using the accompanying INTERPRETATION TOOL, the attorney will quickly learn how to glance down the PRE-QUALIFY INTAKE FORM and get a good, general idea as to the complexity of this case.  This information will allow the attorney to make the determination whether to accept the case or how much of a fee to charge.  The more complex the case, the higher the fee.

As soon as the product is available for sale I will announce it to my PERSONAL LinkedIn Group.  If you are not subscribed to my LinkedIn Group, visit:
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