Major Addition to PACER

Just a few minutes ago I heard about the new CASE LOCATOR function that is now available inside PACER.  This new Case Locator will allow you to search for court records in ALL district, bankruptcy and appellate courts.  The Case Locator replaces the U.S. Party/Case Index and provides enhanced search and display capabilities.

With the new Case Locator, you will now be able to:

* Request lists of cases for a specific date range by court type
* Conduct searches based on chapter, discharge date and dismissal date for bankruptcy cases
* Access case information for the Judicial Panel on multidistrict litigation
* Choose result formats including HTML, delimited text and XML which can easily be imported into other software programs for study and analysis
* Change the sort order of the results displayed
* Conduct refined searches within the results of the previous search

Time Savings News when Preparing the Bankruptcy Petition

Although PACER provided us with the ability to do a nationwide search using the old U.S. Party/Case Index, we were extremely limited in our search capabilities.  With the new Case Locator you will save 50% or more in time.

For example: When preparing a bankruptcy petition you should always do a nationwide check to find out if the debtors have any unresolved legal matters in the court system to ensure all assets and liabilities are included in the filing.  Now, instead of receiving a long list of results to sift though you can now do a more refined search within a specific date range and get more precise results.

This is only one small example of the benefits the Case Locator will provide to our lives.  I urge you to give the Case Locator a try for yourself and find out how it can make your job easier.

Visit the Case Locator at:


I, for one, am very excited to see the upgrade.  Not only will it help attorneys and their staff when preparing bankruptcy petitions, the upgrade will save the entire court system a great deal of time.  This allows us to devote more of our time to the growing workload of consumers filing bankruptcy petitions.

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