How to Save Your Bankruptcy Client $100s on Their Motor Vehicle

Did you know that as a bankruptcy attorney you have several options available to save your clients hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on their motor vehicles?  In fact, by understanding and utilizing these options to help your clients, they will be better able to understand the benefits of paying your fee and utilizing the services of your law firm compared to other law firms in the area who do not offer them the same options.

A free audio is available that you can listen to online right now concerning this topic. Listen to it and help your bankruptcy clients now.  Visit:

I addition, the changing credit landscape makes the decisions made in bankruptcy increasingly important. In the past few years, the credit landscape has changed dramatically, and auto lending is no exception. The current climate makes it much more difficult to get credit approval for an auto loan post-bankruptcy. LEAP is an auto finance company that specializes in Redemption and Replacement programs for your Chapter 7 clients and you can find out more about them at:

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