Law Firm Business Building Tip

One of the main problems I have encountered with outsourcing work was that many virtual contractors were not reliable and the quality of their work was poor or incomplete.  This is not to say that all virtual contractors produce poor quality work and are unreliable, but a large majority do.

Therefore, it is important for any new law firm or business to make sure they put management procedures in place to check the work of virtual contractors to ensure the quality is perfect. And even if the virtual contractor produces professional quality work, the procedures they utilize may not comply with your law firm or business goals.  In the same manner that you raise your children differently compared to other parents, you need to monitor your law firm or business very carefully to make sure the virtual contractor is working in a manner than helps you to achieve the type of business goals you are building.

If you are having trouble locating virtual contractors who will do an excellent job and be reliable enough for you to grow your law firm or business; but will also work to help you achieve your law firm or business goals, I hope you will consider the two companies below for your next project:

Kelly Thrasher
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Phone: 317-370-5032

Victoria Ring
Phone: 719-375-1504

From petition preparation, motion and pleading work and Chapter 13 plans to marketing, web design and time management training; these virtual contractors are your one-stop shop for building and maintaining a successful law firm or business in the competitive world today.

Note: Kelly and Victoria will be holding a Chapter 13 Training Seminar in Indianapolis, Indiana later in the summer so you can meet them in person. Look for this announcement to arrive or be posted within the next few days.

One Response to “Law Firm Business Building Tip”

  • It’s a problem anytime you need to hire or contract someone. No matter how much you review their resume, interview them, etc. someone can still not perform up to your expectations or be a “good fit” with you and your business and its procedures.
    What do you think of short-term contracts as a way to help prevent these sort of problems, Victoria? Say a 90-day contract to begin with and then, if they work out, a longer term one can be signed.