The Low Cost Bankruptcy Filing Scam Revealed

Have you noticed the ads in newspapers from law firms claiming to file a bankruptcy for only $300 or $200 or even as low as $150? Did you ever wonder how they can charge this low of an amount and still stay in business?  Here are two scams that use these techniques:

Scam 1: Pretending to do a loan modification

A law firm will advertise to do loan modifications for clients. They rent mailing lists of people facing foreclosure and target them with promises of helping to save their home.

Once the client has paid $4,000 or $5,000, the law firm will claim the mortgage company would not accept their offer. The only choice left for the client is to file bankruptcy. Of course the law firm will pretend to give the clients a deal and charge them $300 or less for filing the petition.  But remember, they just received $4,000 or $5,000 for doing nothing.

How do I know this happens? Because I have personally been involved with four law firms who used these tactics. I refused to work for them, but other virtual assistants worked for law firms like this and reported their horror stories to me.

Scam 2: The low price is only for a skeleton filing

Some law firms will advertise low prices for filing bankruptcy because this price is only for filing the Voluntary Petition and Creditor’s Matrix.  This type of filing will stop any legal action against the debtor but they will only have 14 days before they must file the remaining schedules of the petition.

Of course the law firm will charge extra for Schedule A, Schedule B and so forth.  By the time the clients pay for each remaining schedule, they have more money invested compared to paying an honest bankruptcy attorney the full fee in the beginning.


There are bad attorneys and good attorneys. There are bad doctors and good doctors. There are bad waiters and good waiters. There are bad people and good people.  No one is immune from scams because they exist everywhere.

But the next time you see one of those low-cost ads for filing bankruptcy, perhaps this article will help you shed some light on the possible truth behind the low price.  Also, you can use the information to educate your staff and your clients who may ask you about these ads.

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One Response to “The Low Cost Bankruptcy Filing Scam Revealed”

  • Ed Boltz:

    Dear Ms. Ring-

    When you say that you “have personally been involved with four law firms who used these tactics,” have you reported the 4 firms to the appropriate state bars, bankruptcy courts and the United States Trustee? Not only is this the appropriate ethical (legal or otherwise) action to take, but failing to do so may implicate you in a continuing scheme of bankruptcy crimes.

    If you have notified the appropriate authorities, please point me in the direction of those cases.