New Bankruptcy Pleading Template Forms

In the past, attorneys visited websites like RocketLawyer, US Legal Forms and a variety of other places to obtain legal forms. This method is fine if you are looking for real estate, power of attorney and employment forms; but what happens if you need a Motion for Relief from Stay?

To solve this problem attorneys often pay $100s of dollars for books and CDs of legal pleadings they can personalize on their computer. Other attorneys obtain forms from the court; while others download them from PACER and then edit the form in Adobe Acrobat.  In fact, I have seen attorneys sit down and actually spend hours retyping the forms into their computer; which costs them a great deal of time and money.

I have a better solution:

Over the past several months I have been putting together bankruptcy forms specifically to benefit the BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY. To date I have 62 bankruptcy pleadings, which include the Motion for Relief from Stay, Motion to Convert, Amendments to Schedules, Agreed Orders and even Letters to Send to the Creditor and Payroll Department for Wage Garnishments.  You can view the entire list at:

Bankruptcy Pleading Packages

In addition, I put together five (5) different package combos that all bankruptcy attorneys need. One of these packages include the popular Mortgage Cramdown Documents that were provided to us by the Chapter 13 Trustee for the Central District of California.  If cramdowns are permitted in your state, you will want to make sure you get this package.  You can view the entire list at:


I would appreciate your support for the hundreds of hours I invested in this project. I truly believe these bankruptcy pleading templates (in DOC format) will benefit bankruptcy attorneys nationwide and I ask that you also share this information with other attorneys in your circle.

Have a wonderful week!

Victoria Ring
Colorado Bankruptcy Training


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